Hope to find you in the Cosmic Home Movies, stepping — or leaping — into adventure!

Quantum physicists have been working to understand how seemingly unrelated particles affect each other. Scientists today tell us that everything is connected and have experiments to prove it. Even though we may not have the entire explanation for how synchronous events occur, Cosmic Home Movie experiences remind us they are a manifestation of the principle of connectedness in some way. Since synchronicity is apparently part of this universe that we all share, working with Cosmic Home Movie experiences can act as a portal into awareness, empathy and conscious action for all of us.

Cosmic Home Movies can be gateways into our own experiences of connection. These might occur internally, opening up our exploration of the deeper, inner aspects of ourselves. And this may lead to making more conscious choices in the external world in our connections with others.  

Because Cosmic Home Movie experiences are part of every path, the ideas here, and at

The Greater Perspective

are not linked to any one religious or spiritual structure, nor one culture nor any prescribed rules. It is simply a set of suggestions to support anyone who desires to discover and contribute a unique part to the story that is unfolding.

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